Top 5 Best Teeth Whitening Kits of 2022

Updated: July 14th, 2022

There is no shame in accepting that all of us, at some point in our life, have been victims of stained or yellow teeth. If you are going through this issue, let me assure you, there is a solution to your problem.  Trying to find the best products to whiten your teeth? You have landed yourself at the right place. 

I have come across various teeth whitening treatment options — from whitening strips to whitening toothpastes, but nothing works the charm like whitening kits do. You can always reach out to your dentist for a routine cleanup, but when you are under a time and money crunch, you can safely place your bets on a teeth whitening kit. 

A teeth whitening kit is like skincare but for your mouth. It is the product you didn’t know your vanity needed, but it can also make or break your oral-hygiene game for you. 

To make it easier for you to choose amongst the many teeth whitening kits available online, I have shortlisted the top 5 products that will tackle all your oral concerns and complexities. Keep reading ahead to know more!

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Here’s Why Snow Is the #1 Pick

If you are looking for that perfect smile without getting dental cleaning done, you might have considered methods such as brushing your teeth up to three times a day. Sometimes with various differently shaped brushes and whitening tubes of toothpaste. Unfortunately, this will have minimal effect on the shade of your teeth. Even trying electronic toothbrushes will only get you so far. You need a product specifically made to whiten your teeth. Not only that, but you also want something that will not leave your teeth and gums feeling more sensitive than before. The bleaching agent used in dental offices often removes minerals from the enamel, uncovering micro-level tubules inside the teeth. This causes the sensitivity associated with dental bleaching.

My Story

Having yellowed my teeth from years of exposure to salty water, I decided it was time to do something about it. If you are like me, you brush your teeth more than once a day and take extra care of them. Second, to the eyes, teeth are among the things we predominantly notice on a person’s face.

When you work in the sales industry or have to prospect face-to-face often, your appearance matters a lot. I sometimes made a complex pitch and found a client fixated on my mouth. Initially, I would think there was something stuck between my teeth. Eventually, I figured out what was happening, but not before losing some clients. Attention is inconsistent and hard to regain once you lose it.

For this reason, I set out to find the perfect teeth-whitening product for my needs. Since I would still be pitching for work, I also needed something that would show progress in a short period.

Introduction to the Snow Teeth Whitening Kit

Enter the Snow, a stay-at-home ensemble that lets you get shades lighter in less than a month. After doing a ton of research online and going through several brands, Snow stood out from the rest. This product’s collaboration with a cosmetic dentist in its formulation is just one reason to consider Snow. That, coupled with the countless positive reviews on their website and third-party platforms, make them a no-brainer.

The kit is also designed to accommodate sensitive gums and teeth. This came as the icing on the cake as I was serious about tooth sensitivity and did not want to compromise.

Why Choose the Snow Teeth Whitening Kit?

  • It is easy to use. This Snow kit is so easy to use. The manual comes with only four diagrams with one sentence each. The serum canisters have an intelligent design where you twist the bottom, and the fluid comes out of the tube through a tapered mouth, making application easy. The serum itself does not taste bad, nor does it have a nasty aftertaste.
  • The charging options. At first, I thought it was a bit of a cheesy design to have an attachment for my phone, but it is very convenient. I could walk around the house, read my email, check social media, and even get some work done with the piece in my mouth, quite a brilliant design by Snow.
  • The serum formula. On their website and third-party platforms, you will find tons of reviews about the serum’s formulation for sensitive teeth and how it lives up to the hype. Having sensitive teeth and gums, I was a bit apprehensive initially. I used a cautious approach at first and then dove right in. I am pleased to report my anxiety was uncalled for. Even after using the extra strength canister for a few days, I did not get any sensitivity or discomfort.
  • The warm sensation. A few minutes into using the mouthpiece, the LED lights will start to warm up the device, teeth, and saliva. Personally, it felt a bit weird at first, but after a while, it came to feel comfortable and pleasurable after that. The cause for my initial reaction was that I thought I had an allergic reaction to either the serum or the device, but a quick search online revealed that it is quite normal.

My Test Results

At the start of the experiment, my teeth were 3.5 on the Snow Teeth Whitening Kit scale. I was excited and decided to take my second measurement ten days into the experiment. I later added four more days for good measure and to make the period measurable in weeks. After the 14th day, I checked my teeth again, and I was now somewhere between 2.4 and 2.5. I can confidently say that I went down a complete shade in just two weeks. Although they prescribed that noticeable change should come in three weeks, I was happy to have an observable improvement in just 14 days.

Snow Teeth Whitening Kit Features

The Packaging

The kit comes in a white and black box that looks quite fancy, to be honest. The logo and brand name ‘Snow’ have a protruding design with silver coloring. The logo is shinier than the letters and refracts light at certain angles to give little observable rainbows. A very elegant design overall. On the box, it says you can get whiter teeth in as little as 21 days. This is quite exciting since it has taken years for my teeth to yellow and the idea that I can see tangible results in less than one month is crazy. Upon opening the box, there is a matte black instruction manual that is quite easy to understand. It even has diagrams demonstrating expected results and illustrations of how to use the kit properly.

The Mouthpiece Cables

The end of the cable comes with multiple attachments that fit a couple of my devices, including a PC and iPhone. Whichever device I would have had, this unit would work perfectly with it. For a person that works from home or any type of remote work, such as myself, this is quite convenient as you can work while using the device on the laptop. You will not have to take extra time out of your day just to whiten your teeth.

The Serum

Inside the Snow box, I found four canisters, three white ones and one golden one. The white ones are regular strength, whitening serums, and the gold is extra strength. The white (regular strength) canisters have around six to 10% strength, while the golden (extra strong) one has 12% to 18% whitening ability.

Initially, I was a bit nervous about the serum, as I did not know if it would cause any sensitivity, but everything I read online was positive, so I went for it anyway. I had some painkillers handy just in case I experienced any discomfort and consulted my dentist, who vouched for the product 100%.

Over the next five days, I would use the white and golden canisters interchangeably, with some sessions in the morning and some at night, depending on my work schedule. I am happy to report that I did not need the painkillers, as the serum caused no discernable discomfort. A common sentiment I saw was that this product was developed for people with sensitive teeth. Considering I did not feel a thing in terms of sensitivity and discomfort, I can stand behind it. According to the Snow website, the four canisters are supposed to last me 75 sessions. That is more than two months’ worth of sessions, a great deal by any standards.

The serum consists of two main ingredients, namely hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide. I was unfamiliar with these two, but a quick search revealed that they are common in teeth whitening kits. Both are acidic and have bleaching properties, making them ideal for dental applications. Hydrogen peroxide is also used in dentists’ offices but at higher concentrations. It was reassuring to know that the ingredients are common in the medical field.

The LED Light

Most people think UV light alone has whitening effects on the teeth, but that could not be further from the truth. I could not find abundant research proving that UV lights alone have bleaching properties on plain teeth. What happens is the lights serve as an activation agent for the chemicals found in the serum. From my own experience, reviews online, and anecdotal evidence from friends, it is safe to say that kits with an LED light element yield better results.

The Mouthpiece

The mouthpiece from the Snow teeth whitening kit sits in your mouth quite well and is accommodating for some crookedness in the teeth. Fortunately, my teeth are not noticeably crooked, and it felt pretty comfortable in my mouth. I noticed that during the process, I got a lot of saliva built up in my mouth, and it was impossible to speak with the unit in place. It was better to use this device when I did not have to talk to anyone, as I would drool all over myself and probably mess with the uniformity of the serum.

The kit also comes with a color chart using which I could measure the results. I found this especially clever as you can measure the effects weekly and decide just how much impact each type of serum has.

Order From Their Website

Your journey to pearl white teeth starts with the Snow Teeth Whitening Kit, made for sensitive gums and teeth. Grab a kit from their website and save upwards of $48 when you order more than a one-pack kit and $97 savings when you purchase the four-pack. Join a community of more than one million Americans who are no longer afraid to smile, thanks to the Snow Teeth Whitening Kit.

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