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Best Picks Today is dedicated to finding and promoting the best value deals and offers available for the world of gaming, tech and beyond. Jelly Deals scours the internet to find the very best deals available, before bringing them back and posting them right here, for you.

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We have seen a lot of related reviews on the web before, but they are all one-sided.

When we write a review, we will summarize the specific information, advantages, disadvantages and applicability of the product.

We try our 100% effort to do a transparent and honest reviews of products so that you can make an informed decision regrading your purchase.

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We are a team of tech enthusiasts (or gadget lovers). When we buy computer accessories, such as mice and keyboards, we don’t know how to choose, but after communication and recommendation, we will finally find the right one.

Therefore, we feel that it is necessary to set up such a product review team, and BPT was born.

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