Top 5 Best 2-in-1 Hair Straighteners and Curlers of 2021

Updated: Oct 27th, 2021

Hair straighteners are a staple in any woman’s beauty arsenal. Curling irons, curlers, and hair straighteners all serve different purposes, which makes it difficult to choose which one you should invest in. Luckily, you don’t have to invest in multiple hair styling products to get that perfect hairstyle. Introducing to you STYLR – a travel hair styler that comes with three styling modes that will look after your styling needs. I have been evaluating a few different options for over a year now – at home, while traveling, overseas, and even in the office – and I can say without a doubt that STYLR is my #1 pick. STYLR is a cordless hair curler and straightener with a smooth barrel and an elliptic shape that leaves my hair smooth and shiny. My favorite thing about STYLR hair straightener is that I can work on different hairstyles – from the flattest hair to even the frizziest ones.

However, as said, I have done my fair share of research and testing on different hair straighteners and curlers out there. I will be reviewing my top picks that I find to be the best in the market as of now.

Here are my top picks for the best hair straightener available in the market:

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"The best in market"

7, 135 Reviews

Here’s Why STYLR Hair Curler and Straightener is My #1 Pick

STYLR founder
STYLR magic

I have been using STYLR hair straightener and curler for every look! This is one aspect that I love about this product. I wanted to find a straightener that wasn’t too heavy, not bulky in size, and could also give me great curls when needed. STYLR was just what I was looking for!

I have used different hair styling products over the years, but none of them gave me such perfect results as STYLR did. My friends are always asking me how my hair looks so good every time they see me – believe it or not, it’s actually pretty easy with this curler/straightener in hand. This is definitely one investment you won’t regret making either- take care of your hair while having fun at the same time.

I love how this little tool is perfect for traveling, too – my friends all want me to bring mine when we’re going out on vacation together because they know they’ll look great in their Instagram pictures!

With that said, the following are the salient features of STYLR hair curler and straightener that I love the most:

Endorsed by Guiseppe Franco

If you follow celebrities, models, and what’s happening in the showbiz and fashion world, then you would probably know who Guiseppe Franco is. He is a world-famous celebrity hairstylist known for his Guiseppe Franco Salon in Beverly Hills. He has styled for celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Mickey Rourke, and popular runaway models, among others. So, if he is endorsing STYLR, it means that the product must be amazing. It makes me feel so confident in my purchase, knowing that I am using something trusted by someone who knows what’s best for the glamorous world of showbiz!

Heats Up Fast

I love how quickly the STYLR hair straightener heats up – it only takes a few seconds to get hot enough for me. I don’t have time to wait hours before being ready with my hairstyle, so this is an aspect that I look for in any product of this nature. Essentially, the hair curler can reach up to a temperature of 400 °F in just 90 seconds. There are five temperature levels as well, so you can adjust the heat to your preference.


I’ve burned myself so many times with different hair styling tools over the years, but I have never once experienced that issue when using STYLR. The company has designed this straightener in a way to prevent burns or scalds while you are curling or straightening your hair. It is built with anti-scald technology for safety purposes, which makes me feel better about using it on my own children.

Long Battery Life

A single charge can give me up to 45 minutes of continuous use. I love this feature because it means that the battery life is long enough for a trip overseas or just around town while running errands! The lithium battery not just shortens the heating time but enables a longer working time. This is something that I find to be super convenient.

Three Styling Modes

I can choose to curl my hair, straighten them, or use it for a wavy look. That’s something that is so versatile and convenient about STYLR! There is an LED temperature indicator that shows the curl and straightening temperatures. I can choose to use it on any of those three styling options, depending on what look I want to achieve at that time.


With all these factors combined together, using the best Hair Straightener on the market has never been easier than with STYLR! This product has allowed me to become a better version of myself because I look good every single day now. It also makes people think that I’m spending hours in front of my mirror when they see just how great my hairstyle looks each time we meet up, but really, it only takes minutes, thanks to this amazing device!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your STYLR hair curler and straightener before it goes out of stock!

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"The best in market"

7, 135 Reviews

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