5 Best Baby Monitors for New Parents

Updated: June 6th, 2021

There’s no rest in a parent’s life, especially when you are caring for a newborn. There is always something to do, and yet you have to check up on your little one. The babysitter or grandma can only work for so long. 

What you need is a device to help you monitor your baby’s room at all times, whether you are at work or running errands. Luckily, there is so much variety in the baby monitor category that you can easily find something that fits your needs and budget. 

For your convenience, I went out on a limb and tested a dozen baby monitors recommended by readers, friends, and online reviews. Here’s what I shortlisted.

Today’s baby monitors are a far cry from infant-care devices of yesteryears. Not so long ago, you could only find audio-only products where you could listen to your child from your bedroom. The latest devices,on the other hand, feature video cameras, night vision, two-way communication, and remote access, among other features.

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Why CribCam is Our #1 Pick

When it comes to baby monitors, CribCam is one of the most compact and portable surveillance products for parents on the market. It comes loaded with features like night vision and motion detection, and it is remotely accessible as well.

CribCam Features and Specs

  • HD Panoramic 360 degree Cam (wireless)
  • SONY CMOS sensor (1/2.8 inch) + IR Cut filter
  • 32GB SD card slot
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • 10 users can connect at a time
  • 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • Continuous live streaming
  • Two-Way audio communication
  • Remote pan and tilt feature
  • 360EyeS app 

CribCam Benefits

This CribCam baby monitor offers several benefits, such as:

Live Streaming

To start, the device provides round the clock live streaming so that you can monitor your baby and her room anywhere, anytime. 

Two-Way Communication

Not only can you speak into the device, but also listen to all kinds of noises from the other side. 

HD Display

Moreover, CribCam comes with a 1080p HD Camera for clear footage of the whole room. The camera also has a Night Vision mode so you can even monitor the room in dim light.


As a parent, the last thing you need is a device with a complex set of instructions or something that requires technical expertise. You will be glad to know that CribCam is easy to set up and operate.

What Makes It Special?

What I found particularly impressive was that it was not easy to mount it on the wall of our baby room. Some of the other surveillance cameras I tried took a while to screw it on the wall or roof. 

The ease of use continues as CribCam is both a camera and baby monitor combined in one product, which definitely makes life easier. Another feature that parents will appreciate is the 24/7 surveillance, and you can easily check on your baby anytime, no matter where you are. 

The gadget offers night vision, which is becoming a standard in baby monitors. What is not as common is the pan and tilt feature, which lets you move the camera around remotely to scan the entire room.  

The best part is that you can access and control the gadget from your phone, and provide access to your partner, babysitter, and up to 9 other people at a time. 

CribCam vs Security Cameras

A baby monitor doesn’t have the same specs and features like a traditional security camera, because their purpose is different. The job of an infant monitor is to keep an eye on your baby rather than your property. The same is true for CribCam. 

For instance, CribCam has a maximum capacity for 32GB storage. This is ideal for images and short clips, but not for time-lapse videos of the previous day. What CribCam does is alert you if there is movement and lets you hear sounds from the other side.

How to Setup CribCam

The baby monitor is super-easy to install. Just place or mount in the crib or nursery, and download the 360 Eye S application from Google or Apple store. Once downloaded, register your camera by entering the registration code you will receive in your email. You’re good to go!

How Much Does CribCam Cost?

The product costs $116.65, but you can purchase it at a discounted price of $69.99 by ordering directly from the official website.


To sum up, you don’t need a complex set-up of CCTV cameras to monitor your child. The best baby monitors on the market come loaded with features specifically designed to help new parents keep a check on their babies. I personally found CribCam the finest of the lot, as it combines a baby monitor and camera into one device. And with the two-way communication device, you can comfort your child and sing her to sleep even if you are away at work or in another room.

Exclusive 40% Discount



"The best in market"

7, 135 Reviews

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