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I Tried The “Crystal Hair Eraser” That’s Going Viral On Social Media… And Here’s What Happened


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Oct 14, 2023, Dave F.

I’ll be the first to admit it: I’m a hairy woman. Always have been!

Ever since I shaved that first bit of peach fuzz on my legs and it came storming right back 2 days later as dark, rough stubble… I’ve been fighting my rapid body hair growth on all fronts.

Of course, you won’t know it from seeing me in public. I work HARD to keep my legs, arms, back, upper lip and bikini line perfectly smooth…

I get waxed once a month, and in between appointments I shave with a razor every other day. The constant effort is annoying, and the appointments have gotten expensive…

And the worst part? Despite all this effort and money, I STILL get nasty “strawberry legs” and find myself covered in dead skin cells and ingrown hairs after every shave. Ick!

Now, before you say it… yes, I’ve already looked into laser hair removal. However, it costs hundreds of dollars AND it takes a full YEAR to finish! And to be honest, I just didn’t feel safe blasting my body with a high-powered laser beam… so I eventually gave up and just started wearing pants and long-sleeve shirts on my “off days”.

But then I saw a strange video on social media that changed everything…

It all started when I came across a viral video about a new hair removal tool called ShinezSkin.

ShinezSkin is a “crystal hair remover”, and the person using it claims that it PAINLESSLY removes hair from pretty much anywhere on your body in just a few seconds…

…while also exfoliating your skin, removing ingrown hairs and preventing “strawberry legs.”

Of course, I was curious. But I was also super skeptical!

Not only did it sound too good to be true, I had actually tried a similar product a few years earlier — and it felt like I was rubbing thin sandpaper on my skin. It wasn’t nearly as effective as they promised… and it hurt!

But as I’ve learned — and experienced for myself — ShinezSkin is totally different. And when I saw that it has a 5-star rating with hundreds of reviews and 10,000+ people already using it, I felt confident enough to give it a try… and I’m so glad I did.

In short, ShinezSkin is the easiest AND most effective hair removal product I’ve ever used. I now use my ShinezSkin instead of my razor — and I carry it with me almost everywhere I go. Once you see how amazing it is, I’m sure you will too!

What is the ShinezSkin Crystal Hair Eraser?

ShinezSkin is a small handheld hair removal tool that quickly “erases” your unwanted body hair while exfoliating your skin at the same time.

Using Nano-Crystalline Technology, ShinezSkin allows your hair to clump and break from the surface when rubbed gently on your skin. This process also helps exfoliate, revealing baby smooth skin after use.

It works mechanically, meaning it exfoliates without using harsh chemicals that can burn your skin — and it doesn’t require batteries or refills, so you can reuse it over and over again.

Even better, it actually slows down hair growth after a few sessions. That’s right — if you’re worried about hair regrowing darker and faster, forget it… because ShinezSkin’s revolutionary materials actually help prevent hair from growing back, so you don’t have to use it as often!

If you shave or wax regularly, then you can surely imagine all the benefits. With ShinezSkin, I never have to worry about cutting myself or “razor burn”…

It’ll save me a few hundred dollars on waxing this year alone…

And it’s much faster and easier to use than both waxing and shaving.

How do you use ShinezSkin?

Using ShinezSkin to remove hair and exfoliate is super easy:

  • Soak ShinezSkin in water for a moment.

  • Gently Rub ShinezSkin in a circular motion on the hair you’d like to remove. (It’s totally painless!)

That’s all there is to it. The hair is GONE and your skin is smooth, exfoliated, and free from ingrown hairs!

This simple process takes me just a few minutes, and yet it’s just as effective as razors and wax.

My favorite part is how compact and easy it is to bring with you everywhere. So even if you still prefer shaving with a razor, you’ll still get plenty of use out of your ShinezSkin — it’s perfect for removing stubborn hairs or quickly exfoliating on-the-go, and it’s SO useful while traveling!

What’s different about ShinezSkin that makes it so effective?

Unlike other “hair rubbing” tools that have existed in the past, ShinezSkin uses breakthrough Nano-Crystalline Technology in the materials to gently, yet effectively remove even the most stubborn hair without pain.

This Nano-Crystalline Technology does a LOT:

  • It makes ShinezSkin painless to use because Nano-Crystals feel like smooth glass rather than rough sandpaper.

  • It’s excellent at removing dead skin cells and ingrown hairs without chemicals.

  • It gives you MUCH smoother skin than other hair removal products.

This is a huge breakthrough, and I won’t be surprised when ShinezSkin becomes a household name!

(In fact, I was recently at the beach and noticed a few hairs that I wanted to get rid of on the spot… but I forgot my ShinezSkin. I can’t wait for the day when I can ask one of my girlfriends to borrow hers!)

ShinezSkin is a game-changer if you prefer to keep your skin smooth — you have to try it!

As you can see, I can’t stop gushing about my ShinezSkin . It really has made my life easier — not only do my legs look and feel better than they ever have, I also feel more confident knowing I’m never far from a quick “spot removal” if I notice a hair popping up.

I’ve personally replaced my razors and stopped waxing, so I can tell you from experience that it can completely replace your current hair removal method. However, it’s worth it even for the mechanical exfoliation alone, and by now most of my girlfriends have one even if they still shave or get waxed.

Bottom line: If you want to stay smooth and hair-free with minimal hassle and cost, ShinezSkin is an AMAZING tool to have in your arsenal. I can’t recommend it enough!



Here’s where to find the original ShinezSkin at the best price:

Due to the viral popularity of the original ShinezSkin, there are a LOT of counterfeit knockoffs out there… and as you might expect, NONE of them use the Nano-Crystalline Technology that ShinezSkin has.

That’s why I highly recommend ONLY ordering your ShinezSkin from the official ShinezSkin website. In fact, it looks like they’re even offering a limited time sale: Buy 2 ShinezSkins and get 1 FREE!

Obviously I can’t guarantee that this deal will last long, and although it’s active as I write this, I keep seeing more and more videos on social media about it… so they might take it down soon. I suggest acting quickly if you’d like to try ShinezSkin yourself!

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