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Seriously Smooth: I’ve Finally Found the Best Laser Hair-Removal Device Yet with the DermaBolt. Waxing Salons Should Be Worried.

Nov 27th, 2023 | Jemele Hilson | 3,672 Ratings

My Roller Coaster Hair Journey

Hair. Can’t live with it, can’t live without. Mine in particular has a really great habit of popping up in places where it’s not welcome. In fact, I ended up with hairier arms than my two brothers by the time I was a senior in high school. Just my luck.

The dream of silky smooth skin had me ripping my skin off with painful wax strips and nicking my body with countless razors. Laser hair removal was too expensive—every year would’ve cost me thousands of dollars to maintain. 

I’ve been exploring my options all my life, at least up until the other day when an old college friend posted on her Instagram about this amazing hair-removal gadget known as the DermaBolt. After a few messages were exchanged, I knew what I had to do. That same night I ordered my very own, and things haven’t been the same since.

Experience your smoothest arms and legs ever in just a few minutes a day

DermaBolt is a wireless, painless laser hair removal device you can use anytime, anywhere. Its diminutive size makes it perfectly portable, so you can get a slick, smooth look on the go. No more costly and time-consuming salon or clinic treatments that might irritate your skin. This is convenience and efficacy all rolled into one innovative, at-home solution. 

And honestly, the painlessness aspect has to be experienced to truly appreciate. Gone are the days of bloody cuts and red rashes. I can use DermaBolt reliably and expect near-perfect results every time. Having such a stress-free and reliable method of hair removal… it can’t be overstated how much I’ve wanted—needed!—something like this. High school me would have screamed. Heck, 32-year old me is screaming! 

Say hello to smooth skin’s newest BFF

DermaBolt works by utilizing a high-intensity light that essentially “zaps” follicles clean off, leaving skin undisturbed and bump-free in the process. To my surprise, it uses the same technology that people pay up the nose for at estheticians. It has 5 modes of strength and is safe to use on hair all over the body. Whether it’s your face, armpits, bikini area, or legs, it makes for an all-in-one hair remover—a perfect companion for even the most sensitive skin.

All you have to do is exfoliate the area to remove dead skin, select your intensity, and glide the DermaBolt over the unwanted hair for silky-smooth results. Best of all, it dramatically slows down hair regrowth after just 4 weeks with results lasting much longer than traditional methods like waxing.

What makes DermaBolt a standout?

Just point, zap, and done! One day you might completely forget you have body hair at all, as the removal becomes more and more permanent over time. It’s just one of many benefits, because with the DermaBolt, you are guaranteed tons of one-of-kind features, like:

✅ Pain-free Hair Removal: Non-invasive, non-irritating process

✅ Full-Body Application: Works to zap unwanted hair, wherever it is!

✅ No Bumps, No Problems: Targets hair from roots to prevent skin from bumping

✅ Rechargeable & Portable: Perfect for use on the go wherever you are

✅ Long-Lasting Results: Slows hair growth over time for a more permanent solution

This is a professional-grade hair solution that is so easy to use you’ll never want to go back to shaving or waxing! I know I didn’t.

I tried the DermaBolt myself. Here’s my story.

As you can see above, this thing really works. But first, a little about myself: I’m a younger(ish) gal in her early 30s. I have fairly wavy hair that likes to prop up pretty much everywhere… it’s been a problem since forever. I ordered the DermaBolt and after receiving it a few days later, I immediately put it to the test. Here’s how everything went:

First Day: Decided to spot test with the DermaBolt first. I used it to shave a little bit of upper arm peach fuzz that’s usually covered by my sleeves. If this thing was going to leave my skin red and bumpy, I wouldn’t want anyone to know. Plus, the hair there is relatively short compared to the other spots. Worked well enough, no pulling or cuts.

One Week: I’ve been giving it a go on other body parts that show and with longer hair—particularly my armpits (as seen above) and legs. Again, smooth sailing. I was surprised that it was able to remove longer follicles with the same ease as the peach fuzz from before. 

Five Weeks: I have full confidence with this thing now. I’ve used it pretty much everywhere on my body—arms, legs, armpits, bikini area, and even my chin. I’ve noticed I haven’t been using it much on my arms and legs because the hair hasn’t really been growing back in those spots, just as advertised. Consider me impressed.

Eight weeks: What went from near daily use has fallen to weekly use—I am noticeably smoother for longer than ever. My problem spots just don’t seem to need much attention anymore. It’s kind of fascinating, really. My body hair has been a problem that’s plagued me my whole life essentially, and now it’s just kind of gone.

What do other users have to say?

“Super convenient! I love how convenient DermaBolt is for at-home hair removal. It saved me time and money, and the results have been fantastic!!”
“This one is the best I’ve used! It’s gentle on skin, but powerful enough to deliver long-lasting results”
“My new go-to! It’s saved me so much time getting ready, and my skin has never looked better!”

How much does a DermaBolt cost?

Similar devices cost $300 or more. But at the moment of writing this review, you can get a DermaBolt 50% OFF for $109.99. Better yet, if you bundle your DermaBolt with its most popular accessories, you can enjoy savings up to 70% OFF for the entire Platinum Set. 

I remember back when I was blowing money on throwaway hair removal products and services. It was like I had to make a choice—have smooth legs and arms OR go out with my friends and live my life. DermaBolt lets me do both. No making appointments, no refills, no batteries, no wasted funds, no nothing.

Where can you buy yours?

Beware of scams! DermaBolt has exploded in popularity recently, creating a rather large number of imitators and bootleg copies. If you see the DermaBolt at a deceptively low price, it’s most likely a fake. Avoid at all costs.

To get an authentic DermaBolt, order from their official website only. It’s the only place where you’ll get it at the special blog-only 50% OFF price. Also, if you’re interested at all in picking up your own DermaBolt, don’t wait around. These things have been known to sell out for long periods of time. I somehow was able to casually buy mine when I did, but they’ve been sold out for months afterwards. If they are in stock, get yours right away.

Conclusion: Should you get a DermaBolt for yourself?

Me and my hair have had a rather turbulent history together. On one hand, my hair defines who I am. I am still the same wavy, kinda frumpy teen from back in the day. But at the same time, my unwanted hair does not define me like it did back then. And that’s all due to the options I have like DermaBolt. 

To call it a life-changer is somewhat underselling it. If you’ve had a similar experience as I have with your hair growing up, you should truly consider looking into getting one for yourself! I thank my lucky stars I did.

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